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Detritus and Cheery

Decided to have a go at a bit of fan art, for two of my favorite characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels (specifically the Watch novels).

A little background for those not familiar with the world and characters:
Sgt. Detritus is a troll. He's made of rock and his teeth are made of diamonds.
A troll's brain is silicone based and therefore gets stupider when heated in hot climates.
(In "Men at Arms") the late dwarf Cuddy made him a helmet with a clockwork cooling fan and airing holes, to help Detritus cool his brains.
In contradiction to his species preference, his weapon of choice is not a club, but rather a converted siege-crossbow and he modified it to shoot a large bundle of wooden bolts at once and renamed the bow as the 'Piecemaker'.

Sgt. Cheery Littlebottom is a forensic alchemist for the City Watch and one of the first dwarfs to be openly female, pronouncing her name as Cheri. Her surname translates in Dwarfish as Sh'rt'azs ('shortarse').
"There is no female style of clothing or female pronoun; there are no female names in dwarfish. Both male dwarfs and female dwarfs naturally have beards. The gender of a dwarf is only revealed to those concerned, during courtship."
"Acting "female" has less to do with sexism and more to do with acting undwarfish. When she started wearing makeup, leather skirt (very plain-styled), slightly raised iron heels on her boots, make-up and an armor that is modified in the chest region, a cultural revolution began (in "Feet of Clay"), leading to much internal conflict in dwarf politics."

Want to know more?[removed]wiki/Discworld[removed]wiki/[removed]Detritus_(Discworld)#Detrit[removed]us[removed]wiki/[removed]Cheery_Littlebottom#Sergean[removed]t_Cheery_Littlebottom

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